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可爱甜心 无套口交+颜值高!身材苗条!

可爱甜心 无套口交+颜值高!身材苗条!


29号 Mi Xue (米雪)

24-27 Years Old




Room & CD Included 包房包套

North 北部地区

Sembawang 三巴旺

8375 5311

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Service 服务: Shower togetherv★鸳鸯浴 / Bath oral sex★浴中萧 / BBBJ★无套口交 / Chest push★性感胸推 / Roam★全身漫游 / Painting★舔鲍鱼 / 69Type★69式 / FJ★有套做爱

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Comment 发表评论Comment 评论
2019-08-10 07:54:36Su35 Says:
Return to her second time visit. She was really fantastic and service is excellent.
2019-08-03 10:06:03Test Says:
Any idea if she speaks English?
2019-07-17 10:30:07Rich Says:
Lovely and slutty lady, this lady knows how to please a man for the one hour. Face- 80% look like the photo , milf Body- slim, well maintained Boob- B BBBJ-9/10 SHIOK! Foreplay
2019-07-07 10:28:34David Says:
Good service, not a time watcher (Tan gu gu, buay sai)
2019-06-26 08:09:39aaron Says:
Had a session recently, overall good experience
Her figure is slim and very large soft boobs
Would rtf
2019-05-29 08:00:15Gun Says:
Mi Xue provide excellent service to me in this evening, she very sexy, goid attitude, friendly and hard working. Got gf feeling. Will visit her again...
2019-03-22 13:55:20ddd Says:
Petite girl, pretty, big boobs.Looks exactly like her pics.Met her a couple of months Also kept saying how big I was which turned me on ;)
2019-03-14 00:23:31sam Says:
This is a gem not to be missed. Extremely courteous and provides excellent massage and full service. Very pleasant and pretty. No hurrying and ensure you are completely satisfied. Hard to find someone like her.
2019-03-10 21:15:30Vader9 Says:
Can check is she still working? 

2019-02-19 21:28:20JJ Says:
She is pretty and polite, very nice. Look like the photos, book away brothers.
2019-02-19 20:42:22benny1 Says:
nice and big boob.  Great bj skill. look just like picture. 9/10 will one back for more. 
2019-01-18 23:42:02Tim Says:
Relly nice experience. awesome blow job and she has big boob and pink pussy. Good fucking experience I never have it before.
2018-12-27 12:31:34Qs Says:
Bro she stayed HDB or condo
2018-12-12 19:01:05David Teo Says:
Great services,beautiful face,very sexy body.
Great skills..
Will eneage  her service again soon 

2018-12-12 14:24:01西部灰狼 Says:
Looks 10/10 lao goh
Service 10/10 wan juan bo
Fj 10/10 kin la kin lei
BJ 9/10 bo gum tio
Time watcher no (li zhup hun)

RTF - definitely! Mai Liao lui pui cao nuar

2018-12-12 14:24:01 西部灰狼 Says:
Looks 10/10 lao goh
Service 10/10 wan juan bo
Fj 10/10 kin la kin lei
BJ 9/10 bo gum tio
Time watcher no (li zhup hun)

RTF - definitely! Mai Liao lui pui cao nuar

2018-11-20 16:07:00大羊 Says:
 I dont usually right any reviews. But I feel that I had to write one. Looks 8/10 (refer to picture) Boobs 10/10 (definitely for boob lovers) BBBJ 9/10 (really puts a lot of effort) FJ 8/10 GFE 9/10 Was greeted by her in a sexy outfit. She helped me shower first, then slowly worked her way to the main event. Not a time watcher, very willing to chit chat.
2018-10-08 21:30:13Peter Tang Says:
I have booked Mi Xue a few times and I find that her boobs are big and has a bouncy feeling when you touch them, which I like. She looks exactly like her photos and her service do not rush you to leave after the deed. These are the main reasons why I have been going back to see her.egg
2018-10-06 19:05:49ooooooooo Says:
Ask me how was my day, gave me a massage, hold me tight during the session, ask me to take my time lie down rest, chit chat, hug me, hold my hand and joke me on the bed. And before I go, tease me for the next session, which send me hard again... How not to love this lady.

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